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December 15 2008


Bastien Labelle (.fr)

Au revoir :(

December 14 2008

The end.

December 13 2008


Dancing Child and Bear on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I love that pic. And I'm afraid that in a few days I'll have no place to share it :(

December 09 2008

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It's been a long time, Twitter ;)
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Hi from Paris (LeWeb'08 conference)

December 06 2008

Haha, !remian, that would be awesome!!!

!remian says: Why do not shutting down Vox or TypePad, and keep alive Pownce? That's would be fun. :)

December 05 2008


Delta Tango Bravo

Seriously. As a tech blogger, you can imagine that I've tried a bunch of micro-blogging or sharing websites, but there is something I have to admit: Pownce has the greatest UI of all them, seriously!

So big hands for my friend !dburka :)
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This recreated the Daft Punk helmet with a LED animation
Awesome work (see the final result on http://www.fubiz.net/blog/index.php?2008/12/04/2464-daft-punk-helmet this is just amazing)
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What About Web 2.0 - SlideShare

This is part of the class I've been giving to Toulouse Business School students.
The title is "What about Web 2.0".
The style is really inspired from !dburka's slideshows, I admit it. Any comments about it?

December 03 2008


Pownce Friend Saver

Awesome tool. Not pretty but useful!

!alishagg says: !honds says: Hey everyone. I quickly whipped up a web app that will allow you to back up all your Pownce contacts (not notes) to CSV. It will give you all their other social profiles as well as any public information Pownce has about them. Give it a try. I will be updating it tonight.
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Something I miss...

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A flower for Pownce...

December 02 2008

Funny Mac Mini prototype.
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Merci Pownce! - Exotech.biz

Thank you Pownce (in French)

December 01 2008


Thank you Pownce!

Well, If you want to say thank you to Pownce, I think we'll be able to write them a word on GetSatisfaction.

Everybody who LOVES Pownce MUST write something. At least thank you would be nice. Really.

The Pownce Blog » Blog Archive » Goodbye Pownce, Hello Six Apart

I am so sad :(

Pownce I t want you to shut down!

November 30 2008


Goojet - Move Your Web

I just "created" the Pownce Goojet (it's quoted because it's just embedded). If you don't have an iPhone (and even if you have one), you should check out Goojet, It's a nice app :)
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